Fix and Service

Many businesses are unsure of their existing IT infrastructure and procedures.  Some are coping with wrong-sized pre-packaged solutions from someone who had profit in mind instead of their best interests; others are struggling with antiquated systems that can’t handle today’s processor-heavy applications. Acad offers a FREE comprehensive array of training, setup, and ongoing support services. We can determine the best hardware and software systems specifications for your needs, and implement and support them in your office. We also analyze and improve work flow systems, establishing the best operating procedures, uncovering and identifying potential problems.

Computers & Servers

We don’t sell computers, we work for you – we find what’s best for your needs and your budget, and we make it work its hardest for you. We use plain language and never talk down to you with complicated techie-speak, because you have a right to understand what you paid for.

AutoCAD, Autodesk

For your CAD needs, we provide training, drawing services, and document management services. With 20 years of proven experience, we’re well positioned to give you innovative, customized solutions for all of your IT and CAD concerns.

We Help then follow through

When you experience unique problems and serious challenges, Acad stands ready with comprehensive system solutions that addresses your immediate needs and concerns, while also providing the guidance, support and customized procedures to help increase both productivity and profitability in the future. Either at an hourly rate or in a managed services package, consulting gives you the flexible support you need without adding another full-time position to your payroll.

Serving you…

Serving the entire Delaware Valley, including New Jersey, Philadelphia Metro area, and Delaware… makes it easy for you to do your very best.