Managed Services

Managed Services is a pro-active approach to maintenance that minimizes emergencies & downtime & helps stabilize IT expenses. There are three levels of service available. The exact cost depends on your specific number of workstations, servers, users, etc. Please contact us for a customized quote. Mention our website to receive a 10% discount on your first annual service

Level 1: Managed Services Basic

a solid plan that includes 24/7 system monitoring:

  • MONITORING of your computers, servers, printers, networking, firewall appliances and internet connectivity insuring pro active support
  • UPDATES:  Operating system updates, software patches, security updates and firmware upgrades are all automatically monitored and enforced by agent nodes.
  • CONNECTIVITY:  Agent nodes monitor uptime, networking and internet connectivity for all PCs, servers, printers and appliances, reporting issues well before they are noticed by end users.
  • 4 hours of calls a month: We will talk you through any AutoCAD, PC related issue
  • 2 day response time:  Business Days, M-F, 9-5

Level 2: Hassle-Free IT

an intermediate plan includes all Basic support, plus

  • ANTIVIRUS Software:  Every managed services node constantly checks antivirus status, runs scheduled scans and takes automatic remedy actions if infection is detected, reporting everything to the administrators. All of that is done without interrupting the users.  Phone-based hardware & software tech support with vendor coordination
  • 4 more hours of monthly calls
  • 6 hour call response time:  Business Days M-F / 9-5

Level 3: Managed Services Unlimited

a premium plan that includes all of the above features, plus

    • BACKUP:  Backup job completions are monitored and integrity of your data is ensured.
    • CLEANUPS:  Managed nodes run automated scripts that check free disk space, clean temporary files and perform other automated maintenance tasks to ensure maximum performance.
    • Unlimited:  Tech Call and we will talk you through any AutoCAD, PC related issue
    • AutoCAD:  At any time we will fully customize/migrations your AutoCAD software
    • 3 hour call response time:  24/7/365
    • Unlimited: All on site visits and unlimited calls for CAD, BDR and IT issues are covered
    • Travel charge: waved and after house rate waved
    • 100% Support: for hardware, service and repairs are covered for all equipment provided or approved LLC
      • * Labor: for PC system upgrades included (every 3 years)  [* Requirement and Exclusion apply]
      • * PC replacement: every 3 years [* Requirement and Exclusion apply]
      • * Server replacement: every 5 years [* Requirement and Exclusion apply]


  1. Our Managed Service contracts can be customized and we will work with you to create a plan that works for you.
  2. For our non-Managed Service clients we also have hourly services rates


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