Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an Architect?

We’re not architects, but we have over 20 years’ experience working in the architecture & interior design industry. We’ve spent that time keeping up to date on the latest developments in CAD productivity and standards, all while keeping current with the world of office hardware and software. Think of us as a CAD Manager with a whole lot of IT skills. Or an IT Manager with a whole lot of CAD skills.

Is CAD systems and training the sole focus of provides a wide variety of service, of which CAD systems and related hardware and software is only a part. In addition to the architecture, design and engineering firms, we’ve worked with doctors, lawyers, accountants, schools – even home businesses and retirees. If it is tech related, we can help.

What exactly do you do?

Customize, training and fix computer systems and Autodesk products;  So we do exactly what you need us to do.  We can do just about anything you can imagine with CAD, or we can apply our extensive hardware and software knowledge to your company’s vision. We can look at your existing infrastructure and come up with better ways to work more efficiently with what you have, or we can recommend the right equipment & software to make you more effective than your current capability.  We can set things up and leave you alone, we can train your entire staff, or we can set up a managed services agreement to keep your network and equipment running smoothly.  We’ve done video editing projects, websites, presentations – and more – for all sorts of businesses. If it takes a computer, we can probably make it happen.  More information is available on our Services page.

Does ACAD.US.COM directly compete with any of its clients?

No!  While we do our very best to actively support, assist and guide each of our clients, we don’t compete with any of the businesses that we service.

What do you charge? How do you bill?

We bill on a monthly basis for either an hourly rate plus reasonable and customary expenses, or for a monthly managed rate. The full explanation of costs and options is available at this link [Rates – sub-page of services]. For a customized quote that includes time and materials for your project, contact us.

How many clients do you have?

It’s complicated.  A better question might be “how many clients have you had?” ACAD is a brand new business and is still developing a client roster.  As Dustin Cucinotta was the founder of a mid sized computer company, Dustin developed a extensive client portfolio before selling the company to his protégé in 2010.  ACAD currently has key clients that are active clients, meaning we’re available to give you our full attention any time you have a question or problem – it’s like having an exclusive private consultant without their exclusive fees!

What areas do you serve?

ACAD serves the entire Delaware Valley, including New Jersey, Philadelphia Metro area, and Delaware. We can either come to your office or access your system remotely.