Case Studies

Examples of how our insights, experiences and hands-on efforts helped several small businesses increase both productivity and creativity.

South Jersey Advertising Agency – Faced with the daunting task of moving their busy advertising and public relations firm, The agency recognized the value of investing in professional help in order to avoid negatively affecting their business. Their primary concern was maintaining seamless services to minimize the impact on clients.

Informed by an in-depth consultation with the company, Dustin developed a plan to address numerous challenging issues including properly routing all business associates to their new location to avoid interruptions in service, choosing the best equipment for their new location, changing utilities providers, and making the transition as smooth and efficient as possible.

At the new location, Dustin arrived as soon as the power and internet access became available.  Dustin set up, linked, and extensively tested the mixed PC and Mac network to ensure it was ready for the company to begin servicing their clients the minute they sat down at their desks. Sometimes the best job is the one that goes unnoticed, and agency’s customers never experienced even a hiccup in the relocation transition process.

Structural Engineers Office – This established structural engineering firm saw their industry changing rapidly, and they needed to keep up with their competitors who were already embracing CAD technologies before their business model became obsolete.

The company decided to take action in late part of the year, and brought in Dustin to help them choose the best CAD system and plotter for their specific needs.  They wanted a fully customized, state-of-the-art computer network that would provide a strong and effective web presence and make them more competitive in an increasingly technology-driven marketplace.  They also needed his help in properly training their staff on using the new system and its many complex digital tools.

After an in-depth analysis to understand the company including its financial situation, their existing clientele, and their vision for the future, Dustin focused his attention on realistic hardware and software solutions, the staff’s actual level of computer experience, and how best to develop a professional and modern website that would meet their clients’ needs.

After installing and testing the network and plotters, Dustin delivered one-on-one CAD training to each employee, tailored to each individual’s abilities and experience. During these sessions, Dustin explained the complex capabilities of AutoCAD, patiently answered all questions, and made sure each employee felt more than just familiar with the new system – he helped them become experts. His personalized training paired with ongoing telephone support gave the staff the confidence to produce superior CAD designs, and enabled them to compete in a world of constantly evolving technological demands.

Construction Development Firm – The firm determined that their systems were hopelessly outdated. They needed accounting systems & database, and modern digital office integration. Like many businesses at the time, they needed to maintain access to some their old systems, as some providers were not delivering updates. An employee recommended Dustin.

Unlike other consultants, who were all too happy to convert and upgrade, but were unwilling to support crucial older systems, Dustin offered a solution that worked for our needs, and within their budget.

Dustin’s solutions worked just as promised.  The firm now had new operating systems and software, and Dustin was always there to help with questions and problems. Over the years, Dustin was there to help move their office, keep their systems updated, upgrade their network, and allow for home access. In addition, Dustin developed their award-winning website.

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